Wooden windows

We produce EURO 68, 78 and 92 types of wooden windows including balcony and sliding doors (which are also windows in fact).The price includes windows hardware ROTO E5 NT by ROTO company and standard ROTO handles. Our windows are glazed with double- or triple-pane insulating glazing by COMON company. Windows frames are in softline style. We have CE certificates of our products which can prove the important properties of our windows and doors especially "U" heat transfer coefficient. This is the key property for the New Green savings programme.

EURO 78 and 92 windows are suitable for passive and low-energy buildings. These windows are glazed by triple-pane glazing which is a guarantee of excellent thermal and acoustic insulating properties. The better stability of frames and the reduction of water condensation on the inner side of windows because of deeper embedded edge of window glass pane. These windows have  two weather stripping and inner overlap glazing slats for an elegant appearance.