We offer to you...

First of all we produce wooden windows and doors. Our    win dows  are in construction depths of 68, 78 and 92 mm and our doors in construction depths of 68 and 78 mm. But we also can manufacture double windows for historical buildings. We use double-pane or triple-pane insulation glazing. We also produce made-to-order interior and entrance doors in external appearance exactly according to your demand. You can find inspiration in our photo galleries. Except for the main production we produce  garage doors  and conservatories as well. We offer various kinds of   supplements   as interior and exterior window ledges, Venetian blind or roller blindes. Please have a look at single menu sections of our website.

Production technology


For the most of products provide a guarantee for 5 years.

Wooden scantlings (also known as composite timber)

We use certificated three- or four-layer laminated wooden scantlings (composite timber) usually from these materials:

  • spruce laminated F/J (finger-joined) scantlings
  • spruce laminated solid scantling
  • meranti (malaysian wood); very rarely nowadays


EURO Window profiles are in softlinestyle (rounded edges). According to costruction depths we produce following kinds of window profiles:

  • EURO 68
  • EURO 78
  • EURO 92

Window hardware

We use the window hardware made by german ROTO company.


We cooperate with COM ON company (also from Luka nad Jihlavou town) which is our supplier of glass. We use double-pane or triple-pane glazing with plastic "warm" edge spacer or stainless edge spacer if you want.

  • EURO 68 double-pane glazing 4/16/4 U = 1,1
  • EURO 78 triple-pane glazing 4/12/4/12/4 U = 0,7
  • EURO 92 triple-pane glazing 4/16/4/16/4 U = 0,6

There is a lot of possibilities in unusual or non-standard glazing, as for example mirror or ornament glass.

PUR-board fillings

We use special PUR-boards as fillings on non-glazed places, especially on doors. These PUR-boards are filled with insulating polyurethane foam. We have spruce and meranti (or other wood) covered PUR boards with heat transfer coefficient no worse than U=1,1.

Drip moulds

Our products have framed and winged drip moulds from anodized aluminium. Both of them are in softline style. Framed drip moulds are combined with plastic part which prevents the occurrence of a thermal bridge in the lower part of the window. You can chose from following colour variants:

  • white
  • silver (matt)
  • bronze

To the customer's order it can be used a special framed drip mould covered by wooden slat. It is suitable especially in historical buildings.

Coat of paint

Making of surface finish with paint coat has three main phases:

  • primer coating (impregnation)
  • intermediate coating
  • finishing coating

We use environment-friendly water-based paints. Especially SOKRATES paints produced by czech company Building plast and more often nowadays Remmers paints. Remmers is currently world number one in production of top-quality paints for wooden surfaces. You can choose from translucent (semi-transparent) or opaque paints. The basic Remmers colour collection of translucent paints includes 12 colour samples. Opaque paints are usually prepared according to RAL colour collection.