We already have facebook site


The new page about Pergolas took a place on our website.

Fire doors !!!

Now we can provide fire doors in construction depths of 68, 78 and 92 mm and in the same finishing coatings as other our products.  He re you can watch for details.

New Green Savings Programme!

Here is link to List of Products and Technologies (SVT) of our company in official web page of Green Savings Programme.




Aluminium clad windows

We also produce aluminium clad windows. Please go here for more information

We have put the Bargain Sale Shop in place, where you can find already manufactured products for exclusive prices

You can visit our Bargain Sales p age. Here you can find second-hand products and new windows and doors as well. Usually you can take over these products immediately.

Glazing of Enclosed Balcony

You can have your balcony glazed which is the best way how to extend the space of your flat.